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A chic 'shoe box' retail pop up for Wildfire Shoes


Creative Hire were approached by Wildfire Shoes to bring to life their first-ever ‘Shoe Box’ retail pop up activation at High Point Shopping Centre, Melbourne. Wildfire had a vision to create a chic, eye-catching store to coincide with the launch of various new lines of shoes. The pop up was required to showcase existing shoe lines alongside Wildfire’s new releases and provide an extensive range of products for Melbourne shoppers to choose from. Wildfire has made its mark in the Australian footwear market as a playful Australian brand that represents ‘the glamorous, the clamorous, the go-hard girls, and the street-smart girls’. Creative Hire needed to deliver the pop up retail activation within a tight four-week turnaround.

Wildfire Shoes
Retail Pop Up
Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne
March 2022


The pop up store needed to stand out in the retail precinct and attract Highpoint shoppers to the point-of-purchase. The clever ‘Shoe Box’ design was the hero feature of the activation, central to Wildfire’s activation space and drawing customer attention to products and branding alike.


Hundreds of pairs of shoes were displayed and stored in the pop up space, requiring smart, spacious shelving solutions from our hire range to maximise storage and display capacity. Additionally, our team fitted the shoe box frame with LED lighting, shelving, and draped curtains to replicate a ‘fitting room’ concept, enticing consumers to engage with the shoe box and try on their most loved pair of shoes. 


Wildfire factored in the possibility of certain products running low on supply during the later stages of the activation and accommodated this by providing additional try-on areas. These required comfortable seating and an on-brand experience to also encourage purchasing decisions. Creative Hire supplied a mirrored bench seat and mirrored plinths to reflect shoes from different angles and assist the customer to “step out and stand out” in their new pair of Wildfire shoes. Creative Hire further responded to Wildfire’s vision by emphasising the fun and bold brand colours in the floor decals, signage and graphic applications on the plinth product displays.


The pop up activation was a huge success attracting influencers and customers throughout the ten-day activation period. Creative Hire were able to meet the tight delivery time, successfully managing the project delivery from design to installation seamlessly. 
Wildfire were impressed with the activation’s design and the Creative Hire team’s ability to understand their branding objectives. Our clever use of stand hire elements alongside Wildfire’s willingness to embrace striking colours and bold graphics resulted in an impactful display promoting the best of Wildfire’s shoe ranges.