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We were lucky enough to have Ashlee join our team in January this year! Ashlee arrived in a package of energy and enthusiasm and we want to introduce her to our valued clients and prospective clients.

Ashlee or Ash as she prefers is passionate about the event and exhibition industry. Six years ago she decided that she had to be a part of this industry and worked hard to obtain the qualifications she needed. Since then Ash has earned her stripes working on many different types of events ranging from large exhibitions to retail activations.

Ash believes that partnership is critical to providing memorable experiences for exhibitors, visitors and potential customers and she would love to work with you.


    • What are you currently watching on Netflix?

        Highway “thru” hell

    • What high-school did you attend?

       Morisset High / Hurstville Boys high / Georges River College Oatley Campus

    • Favourite cereal?


    • What’s the last book you read?

       Principles of thermodynamics

    • Mac or PC

       PC hands down

    • What’s your secret talent that no-one knows about?

      I’m a gun fisherman, A backyard mechanic, and can shred the guitar

    • Where were you born?

       Bankstown (Bro)

    • Do you prefer summer or winter?

       Summer, though winter usually brings in the pelagics for game fishing.

    • What’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to?

       New Zealand – So far, THE most picturesque place I’ve seen

    • Song that gets you on the D floor?

       I have two left feet. Dancing is not a pretty sight

    • And lastly… Are you a coffee or tea person?

       Coffee, Strong


  • Displays that bring your brand to life.