Virtual Displays & Events

Finding new ways to reach consumers.

As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to reach customers and stakeholders, that would normally be done through face to face exhibitions and events has been challenging.

Now that we are over the initial shock and uncertainty around the pandemic, more and more clients are seeking new and innovative ways to reach their audience.

Using a virtual platform has definitely been popular, with a lot of clients putting their exhibition budgets into creating displays and backdrops for virtual events, as well as other forms of virtual communication, including exhibitions and studio set ups.

Most recently, Creative Hire were approached by long standing partners Dicker Data to build a creative virtual backdrop to use within a local recording studio.

Dicker Data are Australia’s leading locally owned and operated distributor of IT hardware, software, cloud and IoT solutions for reseller partners and normally host a variety of face to face functions and events, along with a biannual national roadshow which has been running since 2016.

Since COVID-19, they to have had to find new ways to connect with their partners, which included ……

Creative Hire designed and built a circular, illuminated studio back drop using a combination of hire display elements and some bespoke custom pieces to create a professional back drop for Dicker Data and their studio. The display also included the ability to re-use elements like the fabric signage in future activations of events.

Creative Hire Managing Director, Tim Russell, commented that finding new ways to connect with consumers at a time where face to face events are  restricted is vital. The ways we have seen some of our clients adapt has been really interesting and inspiring. The way that virtual events have been embraced has also been really exciting. We’ve had clients create their own virtual exhibition. We’ve set up the booths within their office and showroom, and using the skills of videographers along with the brilliant technology available the experience for attendees to

And in a new study out by Swift Digital, the attendance of virtual events has been reported by 81% of respondents to be the same or better than previous in-person meetings or conferences. And two thirds of those surveyed said their virtual events had proven so effective that they were planning to continue to utilise an online format even once restrictions are fully lifted.

And while virtual events will no doubt continue to play a vital role during the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond) there in nothing quite like face to face connection and interaction, and we look forward to in-person exhibitions and events returning.

Press Release – Prime Minister Visit

Creative Hire and DisplayWise host Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss a safe reopening for Business Exhibitions and Events.

Following almost 6 months of closure for the Business Exhibitions and Events industry, DisplayWise and Creative Hire invited Prime Minister Scott Morrison to their Sydney Head Offices to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on the sector and the next steps towards a safe re-opening.

Inviting other key industry leaders to attend the discussion, DisplayWise leveraged its existing relationship with Prime Minister Morrison, who is already known to owners Dylan Retif and Jason Cachia. Amongst those in attendance were Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) Chief Executive Claudia Sagripanti, ICC Sydney CEO Geoff Donaghy and Meeting & Events Australia CEO Robyn Johnson.

Like many businesses in our industry, DisplayWise and Creative Hire suffered an immediate loss of almost 100% of revenues, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of indoor functions such as exhibitions and business events from March 2020 onwards. The meeting was chaired by DisplayWise CEO Dylan Retif who facilitated an open discussion regarding the challenges currently faced by the industry and the various initiatives necessary to provide confidence across the sector at all levels – from event organisers and venues, through to exhibiting businesses, display builders and attendees.

Creative Hire Managing Director, Tim Russell, commented that business exhibitions and events can play a key role in an economic rebound, and that it was well known that these events are often used as a platform for launching new products and innovations. There was broad industry agreement that these events provide an opportunity for exhibitors to interact with their industry peers in a way that cannot be done remotely or via virtual platforms.

There was confidence throughout the group that the sector could manage a safe re-opening in a much more controlled manner than currently being experienced in the retail and other sectors. “We have technology to ensure social distancing by attendees, we can design events to allow more space, we can reduce the need for contact between people – we can do this much safer than many other indoor venues where the flow of people is not able to be controlled” explained Dylan Retif.

Speaking of the state of the industry, Prime Minister Scott Morrison commented: “The business events sector, not unlike the creative and entertainment sectors, are significantly hit by COVID-19, but they are looking forward to the time ahead where they can plan and get their business moving again. It’s been a very good opportunity for me to come along here today, a place I know very well, and just to listen.”

Having heard industry views throughout the morning, the Prime Minister agreed with the sentiments expressed by the group and appreciated the importance of the sector to the broader economy. “This is a sector that can get back on its feet. We can get business events running again. We can get exhibitions running again. They can be done safely, they can be done economically and viably, and so today it was a good opportunity to consult with the industry and get a good handle on some of the obstacles they have, some of the challenges that they will have to get across”, Mr Morrison said.

Following the industry discussion, the Prime Minister toured the offices and production capabilities, interacted with staff, and inspected the recently launched range of products including those from Bare Hygiene and Pop Up Desks; initiatives designed to keep people in jobs and machinery operating during extremely challenging circumstances. The Prime Minister went on to address the media regarding the business adaptation and innovation, commending DisplayWise and Creative Hire on its success in launching new product lines to keep our team employed.

Creative Hire and DisplayWise will continue to develop a plan of action alongside industry representatives as we pursue a safe and confident industry reopening.

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Dicker Data show 2019

As with many businesses in the industry of events, exhibitions, tourism and hospitality, COVID-19 has been the source of a sudden and unprecedented challenge for Creative Hire.

Although many events and exhibitions have recently been cancelled or postponed, Creative Hire remains open for business and is committed to servicing our clients.

We are taking the situation seriously, and the health and welfare of our employees, clients, suppliers & industry family is paramount. We are closely monitoring the advice and guidance regarding COVID-19 issued by the Australian Government and World Health Organisation, and implementing all necessary steps required to help contain and manage the outbreak.

During this time, our highly skilled team are innovating and adapting to meet the needs of new and existing clients, as the industry reacts to this unprecedented shutdown. Using our high-quality display inventory and furniture, we’re able to be agile and create a variety of solutions in addition to our normal product range during this fluid time.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Hand sanitiser and personal hygiene units with custom branding
  • Information kiosks
  • Portable educational pods and booths
  • Temporary walling, furniture & flooring

We all hope that the industry will bounce back as quickly as it has shut down, and Creative Hire is ready to assist you now with designs and proactive planning for your future shows and events.

We can also provide longer term hire solutions and semi-permanent displays for your showrooms, retail areas and other custom requirements, that may provide an alternative avenue to exhibit products.

Whilst the economic landscape of our industry has been hit hard, Creative Hire are committed to rising to the challenge and providing ongoing support to our industry communities, fellow small businesses and the wider community.


Tim Russell
Managing Director

Dicker Data TECHX 2019

Dicker Data show 2019

Dicker Data and Creative Hire work together to deliver the roadshow over four weeks. This includes the transport, delivery & installation at each of the exhibition and convention centres, ensuring a seamless and successful industry event every time.































Need to Create an Eye-Catching Display?

The Inside Retail Live Expo was held for the first time ever at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) from the 29th to 31st March 2017. For the first time in Australia, multiple verticals were brought together under one roof, in one BIG retail event.

The idea was to showcase Australian excellence and innovation in retail, with companies demonstrating how they were leading the way in areas of retail including fulfilment, supply, logistics, visual merchandising, shop-fitting, eCommerce, POS/payments, and so on.

But standing out from the crowd was going to be a big challenge for exhibitors.

With so many market leaders present, one particular retail service supplier came to Creative Hire for a little assistance.

The challenge for Temando

Temando, an intelligent shipping platform that helps retailers manage the fulfilment process from the shopping cart through to delivery, wanted to collaborate with their fellow Magento premier technology partner, Baintree in a joint exhibition stand.

Marketing Manager APAC for Temando, Sheeda Cheng, got together with Ashlee Butler from Creative Hire to discuss her options.

The approach by Creative Hire

Once Ashlee and Sheeda had discussed all the important requirements for the show, and the idea’s Sheeda had, they drew up a detailed brief to work from. The general idea was to use the ‘live’ nature of the three-day conference to showcase the values of Temando and Baintree.

They wanted something creative yet non-confronting, to pique the interest of delegates. That’s when the Creative Hire team got to work.

The first step was presenting Sheeda with a 3D visual render that allowed her to see her thoughts and ideas come to life. The idea was to use an artist to create a painting ‘live’ on the exhibition floor, in order to incite curiosity and draw more foot traffic to the stand.

Delegates would be able to join Temando and Baintree on the journey to discover the evolution of the mural over the three days.

A few tweaks were made to the original design, agreed upon with Sheeda, and then the creation was brought to life.

The final stand measured 6m x 6m (36 square metres in total).

The eye-catching mural was created on a 4-metre-high, clear acrylic back wall, acting as the centrepiece of the stand. The white raised flooring, with smart hire furniture and counters made the guests and delegates feel at home.

The results

The result of Creative Hire working closely with Temando was one of the most eye-catching stands at this year’s show.

We’re happy to report that the display was a resounding success and turned plenty of heads at the expo. Not only was the mural a great way to break the ice with prospects, partners, clients and other attendees; it also demonstrated the benefits that the client’s technology offers and showed how strongly they support local talent: local artist Dave Kaziro (aka Decreate) was chosen to bring the mural to life.

Interest was high and Sheeda Cheng is now a very happy Marketing Manager!

She had this to say:

“Working with Creative Hire was easy as Ashlee Butler, my account manager, had initiative, was great at putting forward solutions to potential issues, and was professional at all times.Creative Hire was able to provide a fresh take on the look of the stand, and was flexible when we had to make changes throughout the process, while navigating through the needs of numerous stakeholders. As a result, we arguably had the most eye-catching stand on the floor. A challenge that Creative Hire dealt with particularly well was balancing the two different brands while still maintaining a polished consistency on the stand.I would definitely consider working with Creative Hire again in the future”

How To Arrange An Inspiring Event That Makes A Big Splash

We’ve all been to events where you walk in and think ‘meh’! It’s an uninspiring experience from start to finish, and all you have to show for your day is a pocket full of business cards, most of which you’ll never look at again. Some people reading this may even have been unfortunate enough to have helped arrange such events. At best they are flat and uninspiring; at worst a big waste of money.

So, when the people at Data61 approached Creative Hire to deliver their vision for an upcoming event, we got our thinking hats on. How we could help the client create an event that would not only bring people through the doors, but keep them inspired, rather than leaving with that horrible sense of wasted time?

The event: Background

D61+ LIVE was a one-day event held on March 30th 2016 at the Australian Technology Park Exhibition Hall, in Sydney, Australia. Data61 is a new division of the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). They wanted to host an event that would showcase what it could offer to its broad range of connections in Australia and around the world, as these organisations prepare for a more data-driven future. Cyber security and safety, emerging platforms, health and community, and future cities were all to be covered. In short, it was a ‘big deal’ – an important event that would help create awareness of this new arm of the CSIRO, as technology continues to influence every aspect of our lives.

Understanding client requirements

We were hired two months before the event to work with Data61 to help bring their vision alive.

First, we needed to be clear on the organisation’s requirements for the event. Data 61+ had a fantastic detailed brief and we discovered that they would require separate zones to explore each of the four breakthrough technology areas: security and safety, future cities, health and communities, and emerging platforms. Additionally they would need an area dedicated to demonstrating their current collaborations with industry.

A detailed client brief often makes all the difference in these early stages, clear budgets and ‘must haves’ as well as any branding guidelines go along way to setting a clear direction for the desired outcomes. As well as these five zones, space was required for a plenary, café and catering, a custom stand to represent Data61, internal and external entry features, as well as numerous other requirements

Designing the Solution

Central to our thinking when designing solutions for any event is not only meeting all functional requirements, but also designing a solution that will amplify the key characteristics of the client’s brand.

Data61 stands for innovation, creativity and the future, so the question was how to incorporate these qualities into our solution?

This is where we were able to get a little creative and go beyond what other event organisers deliver. How could we create something original, eye-catching, and true to the client’s brand, as well as being functional?

This type of approach can be more challenging than conventional approaches – but it is one that we embrace wholeheartedly at Creative Hire.

Delivering Results

Our final solution for Data61 was recognised by the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) recently, when we were named as Best Supplier Team for 2016.

So what did our solution look like?

The best displays and furniture will go a long way, but they alone won’t create an inspiring event. The floor plan and the design must work together to embrace the venue and showcase the new brand on a grand scale…

Here’s what we did:

* Developed an eye-catching external and internal entrance feature to begin the flow of traffic through the entire venue, enabling all stakeholders maximum exposure while also making it easy for delegates to find what they were looking for.
* Installed a pod-style exhibition stand design to maximise the presence of Data61’s teams and industry partners: small but functional spaces that allowed for networking, product display, AV, and consistent branding throughout.
* Introduced a custom hexagonal stand to represent Data61, which would transition for use at road shows throughout Australia beyond this event.
* Installed creative but cost effective furniture and display solutions that embraced the venue and event feel: this included Astroturf flooring, scaffolding, 3D lettering, and picket fencing.

The event attracted 1,139 registered attendees through the doors – “a truly fantastic result” according to Data61.

What are the keys to effective event design?

To achieve the success with Data61 we followed the following process:

* Consultation – to determine precise requirements and venue limitations/options
* Creative design to incorporate functional requirements AND to amplify the brand
* Dedicated onsite project management to coordinate contractors, venue staff, and our client, ensuring a smooth delivery process
* Eye-catching results that focused both on brand amplification and delegate experience on the day

So how can Creative Hire help?

As a relatively small team (just six permanent staff) compared to many competing companies in the industry, the key to us is in the careful process we go through with all clients. We seek a high level of detail, mainly due to the decades of experience of our team members, who know that without first taking the time to establish needs, expectations, and limitations, such projects can become very stressful and fall flat.

Beyond this, creative design is what will really get your delegates talking at an event. Nothing quite beats eye-catching design that allows a comfortable ‘flow’ of attendees around the floor – and this requires a team of people with an innovative eye and prepared to challenge the ‘norm’. The importance of strong communication from the initial meeting through to the end of the campaign should never be under-estimated.

Creative Hire was established in 2011 to provide high quality conference and event solutions.